• LIVE: 110th International Labour Conference


    From 27 May to 11 June, Governments’, Workers’ and Employers’ representatives from 187 ILO Member States discuss world of work issues at the International Labour Conference (ILC). This year, occupational safety and health, apprenticeships, as well as the social and solidarity economy are among the items on the agenda of the Conference.


  • A safe and healthy world of work for everyone

    World of Work Show

    This episode focuses on the critical importance of safety and health at work, which has been underlined by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our guests will explore what more needs to be done to realize the right of all workers to be protected against sickness, disease and injury arising out of employment.


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    Our cooperative has dignified the work of waste pickers


    Twenty-two years ago, Martha Elena Iglesias helped found a waster picker cooperative in Colombia called Planeta Verde. Over time, the cooperative has transformed how the local community views waste pickers and a sense of solidarity has developed amongst its members.


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    An apprenticeship changed my life


    When war broke out in Yemen, the factory where Muhammad Taher Muhammad al-Tahri worked shut down. His job search was going nowhere, until he joined an apprenticeship programme in solar panel maintenance and installation. Apprenticeships is being discussed at the 110th International Labour Conference, with a view to setting a new international labour standard.


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