1. Calls for increased action on inequalities and skills end second session of 109th International Labour Conference

    Inequalities as well as skills and lifelong learning were key issues under discussion during the second part of this year’s International Labour Conference.

ILO World of Work Show

  1. 13 December

    How to ensure a human-centred recovery

  2. Replay – 6 December

    Skills and lifelong learning, the key to a better future

  3. Replay – 29 November

    How to leave no one behind

  4. Replay – 25 November

    What to expect from the second segment of the 109th International Labour Conference

Most recent reports and documents

  1. 109th Session of the International Labour Conference

    Record of Proceedings

    27 September 2022

  2. Meeting document

    Composition of Committees

    31 May 2022

  3. ILC.109/Record No. 10B(Rev.1)

    Reports of the General Discussion Working Party on skills and lifelong learning. Summary of Proceedings

    28 January 2022

  4. ILC.109/Record No. 8E

    Plenary sitting: Closing of the 109th Session of the International Labour Conference

    14 January 2022

  5. ILC.109/Record No. 10C

    Plenary sitting: Outcomes of the work of the General Discussion Working Party: Skills and lifelong learning

    13 January 2022

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