Eliminating Violence and Harassment in the World of Work

The ILO has established new global standards aimed at ending violence and harassment in the world of work.

ILO Convention No. 190 (or C190 for short) is the first international treaty to recognize the right of everyone to a world of work free from violence and harassment, including gender-based violence and harassment.

The Convention was adopted in June 2019, by the International Labour Conference of the International Labour Organization (ILO), and came into force on 25 June 2021.

Governments that ratify C190 will be required to put in place the necessary laws and policy measures to prevent and address violence and harassment in the world of work. The Convention represents an historic opportunity to shape a future of work based on dignity and respect for all.

The ILO is now embarking on a global campaign to build support for C190, and invites constituents, stakeholders and civil society actors to get involved. The end goal is for the Convention to be ratified and implemented by national governments and legislative assemblies around the world.