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  1. Video

    Stories of Vulnerability from Workers in Lebanon

    02 November 2022

  2. Press release

    ILO Jordan holds School-To-Work Transition Survey (SWTS) Training for Department of Statistics in Jordan (DoS)

    01 November 2022

    Research Partnership for Improved Livelihoods of Jordanian & Syrian Youth aims to gain an in-depth understanding of youth employment and livelihoods in Jordan to promote policy dialogue and development. A prerequisite for effective policy intervention is the presence of a rich labour information system (LIS) for youth.

  3. ILO-Qatar Technical Cooperation Programme

    Four years of labour reforms in Qatar

    01 November 2022

    Two new ILO reports outline progress made and the challenges that remain in the implementation of Qatar’s labour reforms, through which new legislation was adopted and labour administration systems enhanced.


  1. Key challenges and opportunities facing entrepreneurs in the agriculture and agro-food sectors in North-Lebanon and Akkar

    Needs Assessment Report Under the Productive Sectors Development Programme

  2. Synthesis of the crisis impact on the Lebanese labour market and potential business, employment and training opportunities

    This report is developed within the context of the UNICEF/ILO partnership joint programme “Towards improved formal and non-formal technical and vocational education and training in Lebanon” (2017-2022).

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